ekonomiskā personāla atlase

Economical Recruitment Service

Can selection be economical? Yes of course. This service is designed!

Recruitment package “Economical”

This is a low-budget recruitment option, prepared especially for budget-conscious customers who do not need a full recruitment cycle and the entire range of classic recruitment services.

Based on your requirements for the vacancy, we search and select candidates who have the appropriate knowledge, skills and professional and personal qualities.

Specialization of the recruitment agency WORK IN

  • retail sales;
  • finance, banking, accounting services;
  • consulting;
  • jurisprudence;
  • IT and telecommunications;
  • professionals (top managers and top-level specialists).
  • the sphere of advertising and media;
  • the field of marketing;
  • building;
  • industrial production;
  • food industry;
  • medical staff;
  • administrative and office personnel (secretariat);
  • tourism and hotel business;
  • services sector;
  • transport;
  • logistics;
  • domestic staff;

How WORK IN recruitment agency works

  • Economical recruitment includes personnel search, selection and detailed telephone interviews. For more details on what is included in this service, read more next.

    According to the parameters you declared, we compose and post vacancies, consider responses from applicants, and select candidates suitable for you.

Who is the "Economical" package recruitment service suitable for?

This service is suitable for those employers who want to save time and money on a full recruitment cycle. If your vacancy is quite simple, you do not have time to search and select personnel on your own, or it is assumed that there will be a large number of sent resumes, we offer to save your time on sorting resumes, processing all submitted applications and time for detailed telephone interviews.

We will select for you only those candidates who meet all the vacant requirements for your position. Entrust this work to the recruiting professionals.

The recruitment service includes:

  • Assessment of a vacant position;
  • Professional compilation of an advertisement in accordance with a vacant position;
  • Publication of an advertisement on job search portals at least on 3 sites;
  • Evaluation of received CVs and letters of application;
  • Sorting of all sent resumes;
  • Detailed telephone interviews with candidates;
  • Testing knowledge and skills;
  • Preparation of the final list of selected candidates by telephone interviews, a list of 3-5 candidates;
  • Sending CVs to selected candidates matching your job requirements.
  • why choose us
  • Benefits of working with WORK IN recruiting agency:
  • Affordable prices for staff recruitment;
  • Saving your time and effort;
  • Competent evaluation of only selected and relevant resumes;
  • Guarantee for recruitment service;
  • Report on the number of resumes received per ad;
  • Complete confidentiality for working with your vacancy.

WORK IN is a reliable recruiting partner.

Looking for employees, contact us or send us an application info@workin.lv