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Search and selection of IT staff

IT-technologies are deeply integrated into all spheres of life, because they significantly increase the competitiveness and efficiency of modern business. Information technology professionals encompass all the resources needed to process data, including software, networks, and computers, creating and managing company information.

An IT specialist will be especially relevant if the company has decided to reach a fundamentally new level by adjusting to the modern realities of business.

The international agency for employment and personnel selection WORK IN helps to find an IT specialist, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the employer.

Specifics and difficulties of recruiting IT specialists

More than 10 years of experience in the field of recruiting has proved to us that recruiting a specialist from the IT sphere is different from the usual hiring. This is due to the fact that there is a high demand for good specialists, and the number of professionals leaves much to be desired. Also, the recruiters themselves do not have enough technical knowledge to conduct a candidate assessment.

Consider 3 main difficulties, when selecting information technology specialists.

1. Recruiter competence

It is the professionalism and competence of the recruiter that is the key complaint from the developers – if there is a lack of deep technical knowledge, they do not understand terms, etc., they will not be able to conduct a job interview at a high level.

The staff of any recruitment agency does not always understand the difference between programming languages, which negatively affects the quality of the services provided. There are also situations when the recruiter and the candidate speak different languages, therefore, difficulties arise during the job interview.

This contributes to the fact that a recruiter who understands IT is an ideal option for companies and job seekers. Usually, such an assistant for a recruitment agency is a freelancer or IT specialist from another company who is well versed in this industry and will be able to objectively assess the knowledge and skills of a candidate, taking into account the client’s work requirements.

Also, such freelancers have an extensive contact base, among which they may have a potential candidate for the position of an IT specialist.

WORK IN recruitment agency has a recruiter with IT knowledge who understands the difference between Java and JavaScript.

Usually, to assess the knowledge of a candidate, the ordering company may conduct its own technical interview and send a technical assignment to the candidate. 

2. Getting an IT programmer interested

Good IT professionals are now a valuable resource, so they are in high demand. They are rarely in an active search for a new job, more often recruiters have to look for them on their own by sending a proposal by email or by other methods. Most of the emails sent to these developers are moved to the Spam folder.

This is due to the fact that most often recruiters make technical mistakes when writing proposals, try to flatter them, beg and promise that they will earn tens of times more than they do at the moment. Such tricks do not affect real professionals in any way – more weighty arguments are needed.

Our competent recruiter knows that you can lure an IT specialist with a high salary – possible, but difficult. It is important to find a unique motivation here, for example, an interesting project, a friendly team, complex and extraordinary tasks, or the social significance of the project.

Therefore, the offer of cooperation should not be standard and “hackneyed”, but created with a creative approach and individually for a specific specialist. This greatly increases our chances of success.

The need for an individual approach makes it relevant to do the search through social networks, where communication will be informal and there is an opportunity to talk about all the benefits.

3. Individual approach to recruiting

The main task of a professional recruiter is not just to find a candidate with a high rating on some forum or freelance job exchange, which the developer himself can do, but to choose and attract the interest for cooperation of the best. The task of a recruiter is to find a person for a specific project and a specific team, where he can easily integrate.

For this, information on interests, priorities and goals is collected individually for each specialist in order to be able to properly motivate the specialist.

It is important to find out with whom he previously worked and what is important for this candidate when choosing a new job. All this data cannot be found in a resume, so you need to study all the information in different ways. An individual approach allows you to minimize possible risks during the selection of an IT specialist.

Selection of an IT specialist by WORK IN

International recruiting company WORK IN will help you find an IT specialist who will meet all the requirements and wishes of the employer. When selecting a specialist from the field of information technology, we take into account all the details of working with candidates in this industry, selecting only professionals.

When recruiting personnel for IT positions, WORK IN recruitment agency uses direct search and headhunting.

Cooperating with us you can find:

  • SEO specialists
  • HTML coders
  • WEB-designers
  • site administrators
  • database administrator
  • programmers
  • content managers
  • technical support engineers
  • heads of IT departments
  • website developers
  • system administrators

We select only highly qualified specialists who will ideally fit in the new team. We work in the countries of the European Union and around the world.

Recruitment costs

What makes the offers of the TOP recruitment agencies stand out? 

Only the costs! 

Think about it – is it necessary to pay more even overpay many times, when all recruitment companies use the same database of candidates. The size of personal databases matters only in case of the selection of unique employees.

Our prices are available for any employer. To find out the pricing for your project, please contact our manager.

And if you still have any questions, or want to find a specialist, just call us or leave a request on the website.