Looking for new modern and cost-effective staff recruitment solutions?

Small and large companies throughout Europe have been using staff leasing or personnel rent services for over 20 years. Only employment agencies that duly licensed are eligible for this type of activity. Our agency has an appropriate employment license and has been operating successfully since 2010.

To select the staff leasing agency should pay attention to their specialization – some agencies renting only certain employees (eg building or hotel staff)/

The staff leasing agency offers the widest staff in various business industries:

  • retail chains (sellers, cashiers);
  • warehouses (packers, pickers, managers, etc.);
  • hotels and restaurants,
  • cleaning services;
  • manufacturing (conveyor belt workers, packers, forklifts, etc.);
  • construction and others.

WORK IN is able to provide quality staff leasing services regardless of the customer’s direction and volume.