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What is headhunting?

Headhunting is one of the methods of search and recruitment in which key figures and rare talents are sought and selected at a professional and expert level. The lead programmers, analysts, financiers, accountants, sales managers, lawyers, heads of enterprises, and highly professional experts are the people most often recruited by headhunters. How do we work and select the best candidate read here – recruitment methods.

Why order headhunting services?

In most cases, such services are used to select high-level experts, as well as people with a relatively narrow speciality and rare profession. Usually, such people are not interested in vacancies and new jobs. Head hunters use a variety of techniques to get what they want.

This is your unique business tool, allowing you to hire professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience who can greatly benefit your company but are not currently looking for a job.

WORK IN is a professional recruitment company.
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WORK IN - Benefits

Recruitment worldwide

The recruitment company WORK IN provides search and recruitment services at the request of employers from Latvia and other countries, as well as staffing services and other related HR services.

Only the best candidates

WORK IN recruitment company understands that the right employee can make a big difference in the success of the company. The WORK IN team can help you find and select the right employee with the right experience, knowledge and skills you need.

Experience and expertise

Our highly specialized recruiters are dedicated to finding and selecting candidates to meet the unique needs of your business. The services of the WORK IN recruitment company are of high quality, which includes a full range of service personnel from A to Z.

Maximum labor market coverage

We have no obstacles, we search, select and attract personnel and specialists from Latvia, Belarus, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, as well as from other countries of the world. Recruiting from WORK IN - This is matching candidates from over 20 search sources.

Headhunting - How we work?

Our method of headhunting is to actively search for candidates who do not search for a job or from other companies and whose who have proven that they have successful professional experience. This is the ‘seduction’ of successful middle and high-level specialists.

Firstly, a WORK IN headhunting company analyzes the market and draws up a long list of organizations in which to look for suitable candidates. After identifying the range of potential candidates, the selected candidates will be presented with job proposals. The work usually lasts from one to six months.

The entire “potential market” of candidates must be sorted out. As a result, one or two candidates can fully meet the needs of the client-customer. During the call, our headhunter introduces himself, and talks about the purpose of the call. Then we will try to attract the interest of the candidate in order to invite him for an interview.

We offer headhunting of personnel in Latvia and abroad, if you already know the list of companies from which you would like to entice an employee, then we can offer such a service (Exclusive Search) as well.


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