Cannot find workers in Latvia or your home country?

WORK IN Recruitment agency offers workers from Ukraine or other CIS countries, experience shows that these workers are more motivated, hardier and work better.

WORK IN HR managers will help your company to find suitable candidates, to form all necessary migration documents, and will provide full support during the probation period of an employment contract.

Why companies employ foreign workforce? 

It has become much more difficult to find qualified employees in EU countries. It is due to the decline in population, as well as due to many people moving abroad to work there; still at the same time, the number of vacancies increases or can’t find a specialist or talent. 

Local candidates may be more passive than at the time of the economic recession or they may not come for the interview at all. Now, much more companies try to find talents in developing countries and candidates are happy with a provided salary package. The company will receive a  professional who is no different from a local professional.

Reasons and Solutions

In case the company in Latvia is unable to find a qualified workforce locally, there is a possibility to invite employees from Ukraine or other CIS countries. Our recruitment agency understands the needs companies and we adjusts to the market requirements.

WORKIN recruitment agency offers a full range of personnel recruitment services, preparation of the necessary documents for work in the destination country, making migration documents and if needed organizing of accommodation.

Workers from Ukraine for industries:

  • Hotels
  • Building
  • Industry
  • Transport
  • Finances
  • IT and others
business benefits

4 Advantages of recruiting personnel from CIS countries:

  1. Great service: The company receives qualified and focused employees.
  2. Speed: Companies do not spend time and money on staff recruitment on an ongoing basis, optimizing their recruitment processes.
  3. Economy: Companies cut costs for recruitment.
  4. Efficiency: There is no perpetual turnover of staff and workflow is more efficient.

If you need staff from Latvia or CIS countries, the recruitment agency WORK IN will take care of all your concerns.

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