Recruitment of Directors, Middle and Top Level Management

How to find a director, middle and top level managment?

The term “director” is used less and less in modern vocabulary. The name is often replaced by the word manager, head of the company. This also is valid for enterprises or educational institutions. This is the top position, empowered to choose the business development strategy and determine the financial flows in the enterprise.

Recruitment of directors, middle and top level executives –  is very important that you choose the right professional for your business.

The choice of a director can determine the failure or success of an entire company. Therefore, it is important to conduct a professional recruitment and select a specialist with experience in a specific market segment. An application for the search and selection of personnel can be made here. 


How do you recruit a good director?

Very often, the represented professional can formally work at the enterprise. Often this position is not provided for at all. To fix this problem, you should contact a recruitment agency that will find you a professional with work experience and specific skills.

The absence of a director at the enterprise does not always have a positive effect on the development of the company.

You can, of course, save money and find a director yourself. But keep in mind that, as a rule, directors are smart people and it will not be difficult for them to pass an interview with a company’s HR specialist.

Therefore, we recommend contacting recruitment professionals not to make mistakes and eventually pay double-price.

WORK IN recruitment company works according to the following algorithm:

    • The person in charge applies for the recruitment of employees.
    • The head of the recruitment agency contacts the customer about the service to discuss the details and conclude an agreement for further cooperation (a personal meeting will be required).
    • The recruitment team conducts preliminary interviews, evaluates candidates and selects the best ones.
    • The results of the search, selection and qualification assessment are presented to the client for consideration. 
    • The client selects the resume of suitable candidates and schedules the interview.
    • A meeting with applicants is organized, allowing to assess the potential of the candidate, to make a decision on his professional suitability. During the integration, the details of employment are discussed.
    • Verification of approved candidate recommendations from previous employers. This is the final step.

WORK IN uses only effective methods of search and selection of personnel, developed over many years. More details can be found in the article Methods of search and selection of personnel.

Director's job description - what is it for?

When employing any specialist, you must provide him with a job description. This is a set of rules and principles that an employee of the company will have to follow when solving work situations.

When it comes to the director of the logistics department, his duties and rights can be described as follows: 

  1. The director of the company performs the duties of a manager and a leader.
  2. A person with higher education and work experience in the field of logistics for at least 3 years can apply for the position.
  3. Release from duties and recruitment is made by an order (signed by the director of the enterprise at the request of the general manager).
  4. The logistics director must be well versed in the following:
  • Methods and specifics of planning and managing warehouse stocks.
  • Regulatory laws governing business.
  • Fundamentals of Sociology, Psychology and Work Motivation, Business Ethics.
  • The principles of expert forecasting in the field of logistics standards and planning.
  • Management strategies for a modern company.
  • The basics of designing logistics systems.
  • The procedure for drawing up business plans, contracts, agreements and contracts. 
  • The specifics of the use of information platforms and their functioning.
  • Requirements for registration of supplies, filling in trade and financial documentation. 
  • Production planning principles.
  • Rules for the distribution and delivery of products. 
  • Features of the organization of cargo transportation by all types of transport.
  • Analysis of market conditions, methods of researching the demand for products.
  1. The logistics director gives instructions to other employees. Such an official is responsible for the result obtained by the efforts of the entire department.
  2. During the absence of the logistics director, his work is performed by a deputy or another responsible person (for the duration of a business trip, illness, vacation, and in any similar situations). 

What are the responsibilities of the department director

The Logistics Director has a number of responsibilities. The head of this unit is responsible for:

  1. Fixing law offenses that were committed in the course of the company’s activities.
  2. Control over the implementation and investigation of the facts of ignoring the duties provided by the instructions certified by the management.
  3. Elimination of harm caused to the enterprise and working personnel.

Director's rigths

The logistic director has job rights:

  1. Communicate with the structural divisions of the company
  2. Act and prepare written applications on behalf of the logistics centre, conclude contracts with contractors, local authorities and government agencies
  3. Sign decrees related to logistics management issues
  4. Require and receive information and clarifications from the heads of specific structural units
  5. Show initiative in the development of projects, instructions, orders, other papers related to various aspects of the company’s activities
  6. Monitor company employees to control and conduct briefings to eliminate deficiencies

Search and selection of top management personnel from WORK IN

WORK IN recruitment managers have a great experience in search and selection of top management personnel for such positions as:

  1. Commercial Director
  2. Financial Director
  3. Executive Director
  4. HR director
  5. Director of Sales
  6. Marketing Director
  7. CFO
  8. CEO
  9. Logistics Director and others

Recruitment costs

Our prices for search and selection of personnel are the market average, you should not overpay to branded recruitment agencies, since all candidate bases are approximately the same, the prices of such agencies are overpriced compared to what the company – the customer can pay.

Selection of personnel in a short time with a guarantee for the result!