Staff Leasing

Professional staff leasing helps your business grow. Lease of personnel (temporary employees) – why is it necessary to order staff leasing services

Staff leasing - what it means and what is it for?

Let's find out how to choose a staff leasing agency, what are the costs of staff leasing services and what are the benefits of staff leasing

Staff leasing is an economic concept of modern personnel management. This is a concept that is widely used in modern practice and business along with outsourcing, the so-called subcontracting service agreement.

3 types of staff leasing services:

This is actually leasing (staff leasing), transfer of staff from the company to other company or agency (outstaffing) and recruitment of temporary staff (temporary staffing). 

Staff leasing – a service when an employee is hired by our WORK IN company but actually and physically works for a client- company.

It is a very fast tool for attracting employees because the staff leasing company can use its staff resources and has the necessary knowledge and professionals to perform the leasing service cost-effectively.

WORK IN performs all paperwork, accounting and other functions of the employer.  Only employment agencies that have received the relevant state license are entitled to perform this type of activity.

WORK IN company is able to provide quality staff leasing services regardless of the direction and scope of the client’s activities.

How to choose a staff leasing company?

What is important?

The most important thing is the experience, high reputation of the agency and the qualification of its employees, who are able to recruit staff who fully meets the client’s requirements.

Therefore, the main labour market actors need to be considered first, and they are usually multidisciplinary agencies. The staff leasing agency WORK IN is consistently among the leading staff leasing and outsourcing companies in the market.

We have the widest geographical coverage – currently we recruit employees from Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, and Uzbekistan. This allows the company to work successfully with major customers.

WORK IN employs experienced specialists and is able to provide a large number of employees in a short time.

Where can staff leasing be used:

  • retail chains (vendors, hall employees)
  • warehouses (packers, pickers, managers, etc.)
  • hotels and restaurants, cleaning services
  • production (line workers, workers, packers, loaders, etc.)
  • construction
  • IT companies (IT customer services, Developers and etc.)
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What are the staff leasing costs and how can you save?

In any company, the biggest expense item is the payment of salaries to employees. Therefore, in the face of staff shortages, enterprising companies have found a way out of the difficult situation and started to use the work of employees on a lease, which saves money, as it is very expensive to search for, hire and fire employees.

Cases and examples of staff lease:

  1. Staff for work on a project. It is necessary to complete a project. Sometimes a temporary employee is hired to solve a specific task or work on a project. After that a specialist of this level just won’t be necessary; 
  2. Production increase. The company’s work is seasonal and it is necessary to have more employees during the peak period. For example, in summer, in an ice cream warehouse, when ice cream is very popular, the customer hires additional staff. And with the onset of cold weather, this product is demanded less. As a result, the production of cooling delicacies increases in the warm season and decreases in winter; 
  3. Staff for seasonal work. Work involving a temporary or seasonal increase in production. For example, seasonal road work. Start of seasonal fieldwork;
  4. Temporary replacement of staff. It is necessary to replace permanent staff who are temporarily absent or have a shortage of staff (they are on annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, etc.);
  5. Opening a new branch. Often employees are needed when opening a new branch or a foreign company wants to open a branch, in these cases, it is necessary to quickly select and hire a large number of employees.
  6. To ensure a local employee of your company.

Advantages of staff leasing:

Staff leasing year after year confirms its efficiency and demand.

  • Renting or leasing temporary staff can significantly reduce production costs – in some cases up to 30-40%. However, you need to choose your agency carefully so that your business does not suffer as a result of being provided with unskilled workers. 
  • The staff leasing agency will help you with staff, and temporary employees and take care of all administrative and accounting expenses.
  • The agency will both recruit and accommodate the people. We place employees in our own comfortable apartments.
  • The client does not pay before the employees start working.
  • The company engaged in staff leasing has extensive knowledge and expertise in this field, thanks to which the client will be offered the most qualified staff.
  • The client does not need to independently search for employees and train them, thus increasing the number of staff members.
  • Saving time and money on recruitment
  • Legal agreement and guarantee of services provided.




Process scheme

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By phone, mail or appointment

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Calculation of costs during the day

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We discuss all parts and specifics of the project

Project launch
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We start a project of any complexity
within two - three weeks

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Service performed.
We issue deeds and invoices.

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