Recruitment of Sales Managers

How to find a sales manager?

Everything can be bought and sold in the modern world. It is hard to deny that. A sales manager is an employee whose task is to find a buyer for any product or service.

It is not easy for a modern company to get such a professional. This is because not all applicants have the necessary knowledge base, have communication skills in the B2B or B2C segments.

If you want to find the right specialist and not make a mistake with the candidacy, you should not save money and you should contact a recruitment agency. The selection of a sales manager can determine the failure or success of an entire company. Let’s take a look at all the important aspects when searching and selecting this professional.


Why does a modern business need a sales manager?

The manager is the key figure in the sales. The specialist described is needed to manage the business or commercial activities of the enterprise. In most cases, the activities of the specialist are aimed at meeting customer needs and achieving the desired profit due to the stability of sales.

Developing a strategy to maintain an impeccable reputation is equally important.

A good manager always does the following: 

  • business planning, development of strategic goals for a large business or a small enterprise;
  • control and development of principles for economical and efficient use of materials, finances and services, labour resources;
  • stimulating production and increasing sales of finished products; 
  • assessment of the degree of possible risk for a particular business; 
  • tracking, development, control over the implementation of business plans and commercial conditions, agreements, contracts;
  • analysis and solution of organizational, technical, economic, personnel and socio-psychological problems;
  • quality control and competitiveness of goods and services, preparation of recommendations for improving such characteristics.

A modern business enterprise needs a manager.

Such a specialist is hired for the selection and allocation of personnel. A sales manager should pay a lot of attention to motivating the professional development of employees, evaluating and stimulating the quality of work.

Do not underestimate the importance of the personal qualities of such an employee when communicating with business partners. The person should have the basic skills to collect the necessary information, understand the expansion of external relations and exchange of experience.

WORK IN recruitment agency uses only efficient methods of searching and recruiting personnel, developed over many years. More details can be found in the article Methods of search and recruitment.

Sales manager: principles of finding a professional

In most cases, a company needs a manager to analyse the demand for the products or services it produces. Forecasting and motivating sales by researching and assessing customer needs is the basis for such activities. A successful business can hardly be without an advertising strategy related to the development of entrepreneurial activity.

Only a person with experience and appropriate education is able to achieve an increase in profitability, competitiveness and quality of goods and services. Increasing work efficiency is of great importance in this matter. Therefore, when selecting candidates, you should be as meticulous as possible.

Between 120 and 140,000 sales job advertisements are published on the Internet each year.

Good salespeople don’t look for jobs, jobs search them!

These statistics confirm the fact that demand exceeds supply. But there are a lot of bad salespeople and it is important not to buy a pig in a poke, because it will not bring profit to the company.

менеджер по продажам

Key skills of a sales manager:

  1. Self-control.
  2. Psychological resistance to stress.
  3. Motivation. 
  4. Customer orientation.
  5. The art of persuasion.
  6. Ability to work with objections.

Hire a good manager through a recruitment agency

A manager is a specialist who is hired to coordinate activities in a specific area (field). Such an employee should systematically prepare reports on the most rational use of the allocated resources.

If you contact WORK IN recruitment agency, a specialist will be selected within about 14 days. We are ready to find a candidate with legal, technical and financial competency.

Traditionally, the highest demand for a sales manager position has been in the consumer, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. There is a catastrophic shortage of specialists in relatively new industries, for example, in the field of information technology.

But even such circumstances will not cause problems for WORK IN professionals. They constantly monitor the situation on the labour market and are ready to find the most suitable professional.

An application for the search and selection of personnel can be submitted on this form. 

Search and recruitment costs

Our prices for search and selection of personnel are the market average, you should not overpay to branded recruitment agencies, since all candidate bases are approximately the same, the prices of such agencies are overpriced and higher than the company – the customer can pay.

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