Recruitment of financial analysts

Financial analyst - How to recruit?

The demand for specialists and the relevance of training employees in the field of marketing and finance is growing. A similar trend is observed around the world. This applies to financial directorates, management department, teams of professionals in the field of analytical activities.

A well-defined management structure and operating principles of the company’s financing personnel are characteristic of banks, credit organizations, trust companies. This also applies to brokerage firms, where the department consists of more than 10 people. 


Financial Manager in the World Economy

Financial employees have a clear understanding of their functions, which is typical for foreign companies. In European business, it is customary for the VP of Finance to coordinate the entire sector. This applies also to employees reporting to the chief accountant.

Teams of managers, analysts and marketers – these specialists always deal with important documents and all kinds of reports.

Can you find a good financial manager?

Many industrial, commercial and other enterprises do not yet have a clear idea of the structure of financial management. In many countries, in a small business, employees responsible for marketing and cash flow are considered the CFOs, or managers of the relevant unit. 

The concept of management, related to the field of finance, is still very new in European countries. Only after a few years the HR specialists will be able to clearly regulate the activities of a finance manager at different levels of management.

In this difficult matter, the help of recruitment agencies, which can always help you find a professional, might prove useful.

A well-prepared scheme for the search and selection of the required specialist will help avoid hiring low-quality personnel. Professional selection of candidates and interviews by competencies will allow you to select the most effective candidates.

The role of the finance manager and his/her responsibilities

At manufacturing enterprises, in transport companies, in trade and other companies the situation with management is the most acceptable. This is because for this business, there are a number of set patterns of limiting functions and their distribution among team members. This also applies to people on financial assignments.

The first feature is that all work is done by a financial director or a manager who is responsible for coordinating the work of the department. The main responsibilities in this case include:

  • development and adoption of a business strategy;
  • management and control of work with resources; 
  • organization of work on marketing analysis;
  • setting assignments to subordinate employees. 

The responsibilities of financial analysts should be clearly defined. This also applies to analysts, economists, and other professionals involved in the team.

With the correct organization of the hierarchy of employees, the managers responsible for the financial segment belong to the middle and lower levels of management. Most often, the functions in this case are distributed across different departments (tax planning, paperwork, financial reporting, etc.).

How and where to hire a good financial manager for your team

Based on the basic concepts of management theory, CFOs and managers act as the supreme leaders. In companies that follow a similar workflow scheme, the director or senior finance manager is responsible for the overall result and marketing performance.

The manager is the key person in the team.

Introduction to the company of the position of a manager responsible for financial operations and having great freedom in solving marketing problems has the following advantages: the ability to independently search for investors, negotiations and contracts will be more effective. 

Such a professional is responsible not only for the formation of financial policy, but also for its direct implementation. This means that the financial manager in this case must be an executing person and a person in management functions in one person.

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