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Welcome to WORK IN – Your Trusted Partner for Workforce Payroll Solutions!

Are you searching for payroll services, an employer of record services, EOR services, need to hire remote employees in Latvia, starting a business in Latvia without establishing a local entity, or a need for an employee with relocation to Latvia?

Outsource your payroll worries to WORK IN and focus on your core business activities. Experience unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in outsourced payroll services.

The payroll service includes:

  • payroll for part-time or full-time workers, freelance workers, remote employees and temporary workers by the terms of the contract, employment contract or other documents;
  • salary calculation;
  • calculation of insurance and other contributions to state and other funds;
  • calculation of Latvian taxes;
  • calculation of the amount of remuneration to be paid;
  • tax burden optimization.

What's Included in Our Payroll Service?

At WORK IN, we take pride in offering comprehensive payroll services that cover all aspects of payroll management in Latvia. When you choose our services, you can expect the following inclusions:

  • Salary Calculations: We accurately calculate salaries, annual leave, sick leave, business trips, health insurance, taking into account tax deductions, bonuses, and any other relevant factors.

  • Payslip Generation: We generate professional payslips for your employees, ensuring transparency in payment details.

  • Payment Distribution: Rest assured that your employees will receive their salaries on time through secure payment methods.

Staying compliant with Latvian tax laws is crucial. We manage all tax-related aspects, such as:

  • Tax Withholding: We ensure accurate tax withholding from employee salaries, avoiding tax-related issues.

  • Tax Reporting: Our experts handle tax reporting, including the submission of required reports to the appropriate authorities.

  • Year-End Tax Preparation: We assist in preparing year-end tax documents for both your company and your employees.

Efficient management of employee records is essential. We maintain organized and up-to-date records, including:

  • Contract Management: We keep records of employment contracts, making it easy to track important dates and terms.

  • Document Retention: We securely store essential documents, such as identification records, work permits, and other legal requirements.

Employee benefits are an integral part of payroll. We handle benefits administration by:

  • Enrollment: We assist employees in enrolling in and managing various benefit programs, such as health insurance and retirement plans.

  • Record-Keeping: We maintain records of employee benefits and contributions, ensuring accurate administration.

Our experts keep a vigilant eye on compliance matters:

  • Regulatory Updates: We stay up-to-date with changes in Latvian labor and tax regulations, ensuring your business remains compliant.

  • Audit Support: In case of audits or inquiries, we provide the necessary documentation and support.

We provide you with timely and accurate payroll reports, allowing you to:

  • Monitor Expenses: Keep track of your company's payroll expenses effortlessly.

  • Budgeting: Use our reports to budget effectively and plan for future growth.

Small businesses or large corporations, big solutions! WORK IN offers the best payroll services, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency without compromising on quality. The best payroller and pay calculator is a human, be confident that you will get all in time!

WORK IN excels in providing local payroll services in Latvia and international payroll services, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and efficiency across borders.
It offers personalized support, hands-on assistance and cutting-edge technologies with our online payroll services in Latvia. WORK IN provides advanced payroll systems designed to simplify your payroll management.

Entrust your payroll processing to WORK IN, a leader among payroll processing companies. Experience hassle-free payroll management while focusing on what matters most – your business...

Our team is always here to assist you:

  • Ongoing Support: We offer continuous support to address any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise.

  • Consultation: Our experts are available for consultations to help you optimize your payroll processes and reduce costs

Here are offered online payroll services near me to streamline your business operations.

Payroll and HR Administration (Outstaffing) - What does it mean?

HR administration (Outstaffing) – the re-registration of employees in the supplier’s company  (WORK IN). With external HR administration, you do not ask the supplier to do the project instead of you. 

WORK IN provides HR administration, accounting and salary payroll services to your selected employees. Using this strategy, companies can hire, for example, very talented developers or vendors from external suppliers to temporarily expand their internal chapters during the project.

You get employees who will become your team members under your leadership and supervision. You can control your employees, independently, give them tasks and communicate directly. The advantage is that you are completely exempt from the legal difficulties associated, for example,  with registering the employees, salary and tax payments.

Additionally, HR administration intends to expand your internal team with remote employees using a third-party supplier company as WORK IN.

Payroll outsourcing services mean hiring an external company to handle your payroll tasks, like calculating salaries, managing taxes, and ensuring compliance. A client also can order recruitment services.

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