What is recruitment?

“Good employees are expensive, but bad ones are even more expensive.” – Henry Ford

Is there a new vacancy in the company? Top 5 tasks that cause problems for the CEO when selecting new employees:

1. Looking for a new employee is very labour intensive and takes a lot of time and money. According to statistics, for a recruiter, it takes about 40 to 50 hours to find 1 highly qualified professional.

2. Different brand agencies (TOP 10) usually charge service fees from 15 – 30% of the annual salary for one candidate. With an average salary of a candidate of 2,500 euros, the cost of recruiting personnel is about 5,000 – 8,000 euros, which is often higher than the company ordering the service can afford to pay.

3. Often unsuitable candidates or people without work experience respond to the job advertisements, so the time spent on selection increases and the process of finding a new employee becomes complicated. There is a vast amount of different information on the Internet now and because of this, good applicants may not notice your job advertisement.

4. The HR department does not have time or cannot fill the vacancy. There are difficult vacancies and it is not easy for personnel officers to find CVs of free, good applicants answering the necessary requirements and with the right work skills. Because of this, there are interruptions in work and the consequences of this will be a decrease in production and the company’s profit.

5. High staff shortage and change. In companies, there is constant recruitment of applicants, but they often leave, change, and the companies have to recruit new candidates again and again, during this process the companies increasingly lose profit. 

We have been providing recruitment services since 2010 in the EU and around the world. Over the years, the company has gained vast experience in recruiting, created an experienced team, and formed its own database of candidates. Successful recruitment depends on selected recruitment methods, the team of recruiters, and their head managers’ competence.

Recruitment methods of WORK IN company

How we search for and select staff:

  1. You submit an online application for recruitment on our website or send your request with a vacancy to

    2. Our manager will call or contact you to discuss all the details of the vacancy and the terms of the contract.

    3. The recruitment work will start as soon as we receive all the details about your vacancy. Next, we will take your recruiting project and the vacancies.  Direct search or recruitment of candidates is used as a method of recruiting personnel for your vacancies.

    4. Our recruiters have a CV database of applicants in various business areas, accumulated over the years. In fact, it allows us to implement the selection of candidates in about 7 working days.

    5. After screening and interviewing candidates, we create a list of selected candidates – usually 3-4 applicants.

    6. The professional and personal competence of our selected applicants is evaluated using modern assessment methods. We also evaluate candidates considering their previous jobs and their references.

    7. Further, the client gets to know the CV’s of the candidates, WORK IN recruiters will send all the results of the search, selection and evaluation of candidates, as well as comments on each candidate with recommendations.

    8. The client selects the CVs of the candidates he is interested in and appoints the time for an interview. A list of 1-2 final candidates remains.

    9. WORK IN will prepare a meeting with the client – employer to make a decision and get started the job.

    10. At the request of the client, WORK IN recruiters can help with the adaptation of a new employee. WORK IN uses modern recruitment methods and techniques to find and select the best candidates as soon as possible.


Advantages of working with WORK IN recruitment agency

Why do you still need to choose us for recruiting?

We will write the answer in a nutshell – fast, affordable, quality service!

And if in more detail:

1. WORK IN recruitment service means getting the best applicants from labour markets. In the recruitment process, we evaluate all the candidate’s skills to talk and listen to people, to find common contact with people, to control and delegate tasks, administrative skills, to manage people and projects, whether the candidate has a set of personal competencies required for the position – responsibility, sense of duty, energy, teamwork ability and others.

2. Recruitment service with WORK IN recruitment agency means short terms (1-2 weeks) until starting to work in your company.

3. Recruitment service with WORK IN recruitment agency means saving money.

What makes the offers of popular TOP recruitment agencies stand out?

Price, just the price!

4. Think about it – is it necessary to pay more and overpay many times, when all recruitment companies use the same database of candidates. The size of personal databases makes sense only in the case of the selection of unique employees.

5. Search and selection of staff with WORK IN recruitment agency mean a confidential recruitment/selection service without disclosing information about the company. Recruitment specialists use safe recruitment methods to ensure a professional recruitment process.

6. Search and selection service of staff with WORK IN means reducing the risk of spy or competitor infiltration into the company. 

7. Staff recruitment with WORK IN agency means the presence of all guarantees and obligations!

Some of our latest projects

WORK IN successfully provides recruitment services to companies in the EU and around the world, regardless of location. Our employees work in 500 companies. Many companies have been working with WORK IN on an ongoing basis for many years.

Examples of recent recruitment projects completed.