Classic recruitment - full recruitment cycle

This recruitment service includes a full cycle of searching and selection of personnel.

Based on your requirements for a specific vacancy, we search and select candidates who have professional and personal qualities that meet your requirements, as well as knowledge and skills.

The WORK IN recruitment agency will help the company find out the professional level of candidates and their psychological characteristics – motivation, flexibility and the ability to adapt in a team. Our agency also takes on the task of reviewing references.

Specialization of the recruitment agency WORK IN

  • retail sales.
  • finance, banking, accounting services.
  • IT and telecommunications.
  • professionals (top managers and top-level professionals).
  • advertising and media.
  • industrial production.
  • food industry.
  • medical staff.
  • administrative and office personnel.
  • tourism and hotel business.
  • services sector.
  • home staff.

How WORK IN recruitment agency works

This recruitment is a complete search for personnel. According to the requirements you have declared, we compose and post vacancies, consider responses from applicants, select candidates suitable for you.

Cost of recruitment services

Our prices are affordable compared to branded agencies. The recruitment process for all agencies is similar and the database of candidates on the Internet is the same, unless you are looking for a unique employee, and the prices of TOP agencies are high, so why overpay?

Our 10 years of experience in recruiting and professional recruiters will find and select you valuable personnel at an affordable price.

Quality of services for the selection of personnel of the agency WORK IN

After concluding a cooperation agreement, we will immediately start working on your project.

All our candidates have been selected, interviewed, tested and ready to negotiate with you.

This service includes:

  • Assessment of a vacancy.
  • Professional compilation of an advertisement in accordance with a vacancy.
  • Publishing ads on job search portals up to 5 sites.
  • Evaluation of received CV’s and letters of application.
  • Sorting CV of candidates.
  • Telephone interviews.
  • Job interviews with candidates for the assessment of competencies and knowledge.
  • Testing of candidates (upon request).
  • Employer testing (if required).
  • Checking reviews of final candidates from previous jobs.
  • Preparation of documents for final candidates, a list of 3-4 candidates.
  • Providing CV of candidates, results of interviews and tests.
  • Organization of a meeting with the employer.
  • Assistance during the adaptation of an employee to a new workplace.

Benefits of working with WORK IN recruiting agency:

  • Optimal costs for staff recruitment.
  • Saving your time and effort.
  • Only selected, interviewed candidates who meet your requirements.
  • Up to 3 months warranty for candidate replacement.
  • Complete confidentiality for working with your vacancy.

Recruitment service guarantees:

  • There is a warranty period of 1 to 3 months, during which we undertake to make a replacement.
  • The warranty period is agreed individually, depending on the selected service package.

WORK IN is a reliable recruiting partner.

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